I have never been on a yoga retreat before. I signed up for Revamp Retreats in Bali on a whim and I couldn’t be more grateful to have done so. In my 39 years and my numerous countries travel experience, this has been by far the most life changing experience. Revamp Retreats is so professional and so in touch with curating amazing experiences.  In seven days, I have lived a thousand trips. So grateful! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to step into a whole new me.  I would recommend this experience to anyone. Sign up for sure! On the other side of this is extraordinary stuff. Thank you so much!


Charles De Vries

Hi! I’m Charles. I’m not a yogi. I’m not the guy who goes to retreats. I had a lot of judgements and thoughts that came up, “Oh my God! Am I really going to do this!? Can I connect to the people who come here? What kind of people are coming here?” In one or two days everything connected. I bonded with people I never thought I would bond with, I cried in front of 20 people and I loved it! It was an amazing journey and I also think the journey never ends. This is just the beginning and I took the first step! I’m so freaking glad I did it! I want to thank you for making this happen! I made new friends, I met new people, I’m proud of myself!


Giancarlo Zucca

What an incredible experience to be here in Bali with this group of people. I was a bit afraid to come to this retreat because I’m new to yoga and I thought maybe everyone would be experts. But the teachers were so kind and introduced us to a new world, values and physical practice.  We had so much fun! I look forward to the next one.





The experience at this retreat may have been the most incredible transformative experience of my life. The downloads that I’ve had, the support that I’ve had, and the love and healing that I’ve had has helped me step into my authentic self. The breakthroughs were massive and emotional in such a profound way that I would have never have gotten if I was not here. For this experience, I will be eternally grateful. I’m leaving here with the fullest heart and deep gratitude to myself, and to every single person here who truly showed up. For that, I will always hold the most special place in my heart for this experience. I was really having an internal dialog with myself whether I should come here or not and I’m so glad I did! The lengths that I went to get here make every single step of the journey worth it.



It was wonderful! I didn’t expect so many emotions to be coming up. I got to apply a lot of the things I’ve learned in the past year here and I watch how it played out in a whole new group of people that I just met 7 days ago, but now feel so close to. Doing yoga in this tranquil and pristine room is one of those moments that’s etched in my memory forever. There’s so many reasons that you might not come but if you do, you won’t regret it.



It was amazing! I can’t believe it’s over already! I don’t want to go home! We did lots of meditation, yoga, soul dancing, and spending time in the hot tub. Seeing the culture and meeting the local people created such an amazing experience. I also loved volunteering at the dog shelter where we walked dogs through the rice fields. I expected something where I could grow, something I haven’t done before, and to meet new people and step out of my comfort zone. This experience actually exceeded these expectations.  It turned into something much more than that. It wasn’t just a vacation, it was a whole soul searching experience as well.  I wish I could take everyone here home with me but I can’t do that! So I’m going to take home with me the idea that you should always be pushing yourself and when something seems like a crazy idea or above your comfort level, just do it because you have no idea what’s on the other side and how much it’s going to make you grow. So just go for it!



The trip is beyond what I expected. I gained everything from a deeper sense of self to owning my authenticity. I feel like more of myself than I ever have before. Even if you feel like you’ve gone on ten yoga retreats in the past and you feel like you’ve absorbed it all, you can always be a student and learn something new and uncover more about yourself. With this retreat, I realized that there’s different versions of self-love. There’s so many layers and this was the layer of self-love that I really needed to hone in on.



The thing that I gained the most was really going deep down in to my soul and figuring out who I am and what I’m hiding inside that I want to work on. I’m excited to see where everything I’ve learned here takes me in life. I learned a lot! What I expected was just to do a whole lot of yoga, get more flexible, and just meet really cool people in the process, but what I actually got was a lot more. I learned about my own struggles, and other people’s struggles which really helped me open up and share things that I haven’t shared in a really long time. I’ve been keeping everything close so it’s nice to finally open up. For the people who don’t know if this is what they want to do, just do it and see where it takes you, because it might just take you to some really beautiful places.



It’s an experience unlike anything I’ve ever had before. I definitely learned a lot about myself! I expected just to do some yoga and learn how to do 10-minute meditations at lunch time but I got way more out of it in every aspect.  From relationships to spirituality to the internal and external. It was on all levels, awesome! To anyone who considers going on a retreat, don’t be afraid to lose it! Don’t be afraid to really show yourself! Don’t be afraid to dive deep! It can be hard, it can be challenging, but true me and just do it! It’ll be better for you because without working on yourself, you can’t really love others.



It was wonderful! I didn’t expect so many emotions to be coming up. I got to apply a lot of the things I’ve learned in the past year here and I watch how it played out in a whole new group of people that I just met 7 days ago, but now feel so close to. Doing yoga in this tranquil and pristine room is one of those moments that’s etched in my memory forever. There’s so many reasons that you might not come but if you do, you won’t regret it.



“I couldn't have asked for a more 'tranquil' experience on the Tuscan Tranquility retreat. The itinerary was perfect for 6 days in Tuscany. The food was delicious. Our accommodations were comfortable and awesome. The yoga, meditation and sound healing left me feeling calm and relaxed for my return to the real world. I can't wait for my next retreat with Revamp!” - Amanda

“A deeply restorative, vitalizing, aligning, and engaging experience. I highly recommend Revamp Retreats.” - Leigh

“This Revamp Retreat organised by Kori in Tuscany in September 2018 exceeded my (rather demanding) expectations on all fronts. Never have I experienced such a seamless transition between meditation, yoga and sound therapy, all beautifully integrated. All the arrangements were perfect and one could have as much privacy or team-time as you like. The hosts at the venue were perfect, incredible hospitality, friendliness and caring - also excellent food, wifi and swimming pools. Mindful living at its best!” - Gerhard

“I definitely got more from this retreat than I anticipated in many ways. I never expected to connect with people so quickly and feel comfortable being so open. It was refreshing to be in a judge free, supportive zone with varieties of people with the same focus. I like the mix of yoga/mediation with excursions and free time. Exactly what I was looking for. It incorporated a vacation with self care and purpose. I didn't want to be trapped in a beautiful place doing yoga 6 hours/day etc. This was a great mix of time of events. Walked away with anew faith in my fellow man, a respect of others and their cultures and a reminder, people are genuinely good and supportive. Ignore the "white noise" and connect.” - Mike

“This was a retreat of a lifetime. The beauty of the place, the warmth of the people. The lighthearted approach to our days and side trips made everything perfectly imperfect. I will not for get this retreat and kudos to Revamp and crew for putting it together” - Christine

“After realizing I needed to make big changes in my life and quit my job, I woke up to an email from Revamp Retreats with the subject, "She quit her job and went to Bali." I took it as a definite sign from the universe. I had an inspiring and uplifting call with Kori that evening, going with my intuition, I signed up for the October 10th Bali retreat. My stressful jobs in finance, made me feel that money and stress go hand and hand, that I wouldn't be able to make more money doing something else and I had no idea what that something else could be. I put all that aside and just went for it. All the wheels were in motion to quit my job, pack up my life in LA and move to Bali for 6 months, the retreat was going to be the start of my journey. I was very excited after making this big decision and huge investment in myself. Then the unthinkable happened, after my brother went missing for over two weeks in Mexico, my family and I were notified of his passing only fourteen days before I was set to depart for Bali. It took every part of my being to pack up my life and board the plane. I didn't know if I was making the right decision, I worried about leaving my sister who lived with me, I worried that I would be the black cloud in the retreat group because I was in so much grief. I was questioning everything. Revamp Retreats not only created a safe and supportive container for me to heal and process my grief, they created an experience that changed my life. The tools that Miki and Jamie shared with us about manifesting, letting go and trusting your intuition were so powerful. The deep connections that were made with the incredible people will last a lifetime. Ubud is a very special place, my spirituality had been a bit numb, I left the retreat feeling revived, full and clear. I loved the experience so much, I decided to sign up for the Bali retreat that started when the first one ended. Not much more you can say about a positive experience than that :)” - Briana

“The retreat was such powerful experience, felt uplifted, empowered and pampered. We were taken care of so well by the team. Thanks for such fantastic energy!! Enjoyed varieties of wonderful activities carefully curated by the team. I learnt and gained so much, my heart was filled with so much joy that now I still day dreaming about it, can't wait til next time!” - Nara

“Overall, I loved my entire experience! First ever retreat and it was in Bali = Magical. The hosts and team were so helpful and supportive, every step of the way! I loved the group trips, the workouts, meditations, the alone time! Also meeting the locals - our tour guides were the best!” - Janina

“Kori and Maya have this dialed in and I can’t think of two greater people to organize and orchestrate such greatness. There is not one thing that could have been better, except me not having to come home :) All of the leaders, teachers, tour guys, taxi services, food, everything was delightful, and every person involved had so much passion and knowledge for their area. The group of people we surrounded ourselves with literally choke me up each time I think about it. I am back in the real world, but can instantly put myself back in that space with all of them and feel my level of energy and my higher vibration shine through. Keep it up Kori and Maya. You have and will continue to change peoples lives with these amazing journeys. THANK YOU.” - Rachel

“I spontaneously booked the retreat hoping to dive deeper into my yoga practice and get clarity about my future. I connected with so many amazing people during my retreat and shared these incredible adventures along with parts of my soul. It felt really incredible to connect with like minded people in Bali, which has its own incredible energy. I loved every moment and was sad when the retreat came to a close, but I know everything will stay with me for this lifetime!” - Nicole

“The retreat leaders were all very supportive, kind, knowledgable and wise. They made the experience of adjusting to a new culture with a group of strangers feel safe and welcoming. The core inner work and lessons were deep and meaningful. Bagus Jati exceeded my expectations. The planned excursions were great, but it was also nice to have the option for flexibility.” - Jodie

“Since this was my first retreat, I had no expectations. What I did not expect would happen was deeply connecting with myself and with life long friends. I did not imagine feeling such deep gratitude for every moment, sight, sound and smell. This experience was by far one of the best decisions in my life. I'm so grateful for Kori & Maya and what they do. Can't wait to experience another retreat with Revamp!” - Leilani

“I wasn't sure what to expect when I reserved my spot on this retreat other than getting to spend some time in what appeared to be a beautiful location. After landing I had my mind made up that I would probably never do another retreat again. However, once I arrived at Bagus Jati and interacted with Kori, Maya, Allison and reunited with Amanda, I immediately became hooked. The location was more beautiful than the pictures could have ever depicted. The room, the view, the pool, the food, the water temple, the monkeys, the elephants, it was all so magical. Most importantly was the group I was in. Never in my life had I ever felt so connected to where I felt as if I had known everyone my entire life. There were no real solitary groups or clicks, I felt everyone was able to jump in with any group and could be 100% comfortable. I fell deeply in love with everyone there and will carry each of them in my heart as I go forward in my life.” - Michael

“So grateful to have an experience in a setting that incorporated natural beauty, adventure, learning, exercising, and playing. Well scheduled and well thought out! Revamp knows what they’re doing!” - Georgann

“Wonderful experience - a good retreat is one where you’re alreasy planning the 2nd!” - Cassie

“Kori & Maya did such an amazing job organizing and leading the entire retreat! Kori goes above and beyond to make sure you have an incredible trip-- from arranging car rides from the airport and any questions you may have about layovers in other countries! She is a trustworthy guide and friend to all! Great service!” - Alexa

“This retreat's high regard for spiritual wellness takes tender and loving care of your mind, body, and soul before, during, and especially after your trip. I can say from personal experience, with the deepest gratitude that this has truly been a Life Transforming Journey. If you feel the inspiration to join Revamp Retreats as I did, listen to that voice! Take the adventure! Embrace the effect it will have on your life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” - Ali

"My Moroccan experience with Revamp Retreats exceeded my high expectations. Every detail was so thoughtfully planned, I felt like I was able to do more mental, physical and emotional development in my short retreat time than I had accomplished in years. Kori is also such a light, she brings joy and warmth to every situation, no matter how small. I can’t wait for my next adventure with Revamp!" - Abbey T.

"Revamp Retreats has truly changed my life. I decided to go on my first retreat during a time when I was at crossroads in my life and was in need for a healing vacation. I expected it to be relaxing and a nice detox from my life, but it provided that and so much more. Being surrounded by the culture of Morocco, the yoga, the workshops and the amazing people that I met along the way allowed me the environment to figure out my next steps in life. Kori was amazing and really helped me see life in a different light. As a solo traveler, I found it surprisingly easy to make friends and within a couple of days, our group became a family. We still keep in touch to this day! I can truly say it was a transformative experience and will 100% do another!" - Nina H.

"The whole week was magical. I learned so much from Kori, JQ, and Zoe and couldn't have dreamed up a better place to learn it. This retreat was a huge life reset for me - one that I didn't even realize I needed. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend and will definitely be saving up for my next retreat!" - Molly P.

"Revamp Retreats takes you on an amazing journey with beautiful accommodations in the most wonderful places in the world. I have been on three retreats with Revamp and I have made life-long friendships at each retreat - as well as meeting some of the best yoga teachers in the world. I return home refreshed, renewed and ready to take on whatever comes next. Kori’s retreats are exceptionally well organized and well planned. She makes the journey simple so that all you have to do is show up and enjoy your week in paradise." - Shawn N.