unplug and reconnect to your purpose

Revamp designs transformational retreats and experiences in the most magical places around the world. On every retreat, you will experience transformation, deep connection, relaxation, wellness, and global impact. We invite you to join our tribe of adventurers, seekers and change-makers.

We are on a mission to give back

A portion of proceeds from every sign up will go straight to a non-profit!

In each location we partner with foundations that support people, animals, and the environment.

Our goal is to leave this world a little better than how we found it and we invite you to join us!

Upcoming Adventures

It’s time to take a trip for yourself

Maybe you need a break from your routine or are looking for the next step on your path.

No matter where you are, we're here for you.

We will guide you on a transformational experience with like minded seekers

to discover the world, each other, and ourselves.

It's time to REVAMP.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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