peru Logistics and Travel Information



US citizens will need a passport valid for six months to enter and depart Peru. Tourists must also provide evidence of return or onward travel. You will receive a card from Peruvian Immigration upon arrival stating the length of the approved stay (usually up to 90 days). Extensions are not available, and overstays will result in fines. Peru does not require any vaccinations for entry.

Please make a copy or take a photo of your passport and email it to yourself so you have one on file.


When arriving in Peru, you will go through Immigration and Customs. We will let you know where to meet your group and shuttle to get transported to the retreat center.

We recommend arriving by morning or mid-day on the start of the retreat as we will start that evening.  We will finish on the last day by the early afternoon. It is great to come early or stay later if you have the time - especially if you want to check out Machu Picchu!  There are also plenty of boutique hotels and AirBnBs to stay at.

If want to stay at an AirBnB before or after the retreat you can use this link for a discount if it’s your first time!


Flight Information and Ground Transportation

Fly into the Cusco airport (CUZ). We will have shuttles from Cusco to the retreat center arranged on the start date of the retreat.



Should you have flight delays or other troubles on the day of travel, contact Kori Zornes as soon as possible.

Contact Number: Kori Zornes (702) 321-6769




The credit card on file will be charged for the final retreat balance.  All payment is non-refundable. If you have any questions email


Getting Ready For Your Trip



We highly suggest you pack light and avoid bringing excess luggage. When choosing what clothes to pack, keep in mind that nylon or quick drying fabrics work very well. Keep valuables to an absolute minimum. Revamp Retreats is not responsible for any lost or stolen items including important paperwork such as passports. Think less is more! Some more packing tips below:

1. We recommend a sturdy bag that’s easy to push, pull or carry. Rolling clothes instead of folding can wonders in saving space as well.

2. Bring your daypack with you as your flight carry on. Keep your valuables in your daypack - example: passport, money, ticket, journal, etc.  We recommend you pack one set of clothes in it should your suitcase get lost.


  • 6 yoga outfits

  • 1 white outfit for ceremony

  • Long pants and shorts

  • Long sleeve shirts and t-shirts

  • Sweaters or warm pull overs

  • Daywear and hiking clothes

  • Scarf

  • Windbreaker and rain jacket

  • Underwear/socks

  • Hiking shoes, flip flops, comfortable day shoes

  • Pajamas

  • Bathing suit

  • Casual daytime clothes

  • 1 day pack (a small backpack you can carry with you on our treks)

  • Toiletries (sunblock, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, anti-bacterial spray etc. Think travel size and if possible biodegradable please!)

  • Writing journal, a good book and pens

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat for sun protection

  • Water bottle

  • Any medications needed

  • 1 light travel yoga mat or mat cover – completely optional as the retreat center has all yoga supplies!

  • Power plug adapter - Peru uses 220 volts at 60 hertz electricity. There are two types of plugs in Peru (with corresponding electrical outlets): Type A - two flat parallel prongs and Type C - two round prongs (used in much of Europe).

Above all else, keep it light. Make it part of your yoga practice and be a minimalist in your packing please!


Your health and well-being is extremely important to us and hopefully to you, too! To stay healthy with all the travel, switching time zones, etc., it’s important to keep your immune system and your belly happy. Here are a few tips:

  • Supplements:

    • Probiotics (to regulate your immune system)

    • Activated Charcoal (if you get a stomach bug or need a quick, effective detox)

    • Magnesium (to sleep and relax)

    • Vitamin C (to boost immunity)

  • Sleep Gear:

    • Eye mask

    • Ear plugs

  • Snacks

    • If you have food sensitivities, low blood sugar or love to snack, bring some healthy snacks with you such as nuts, beef jerky, dried fruit, granola, rice crackers, etc. - get creative!

  • Flying

    • For a wellness-focused and comfortable flying experience, check out our tips here!


Revamp Retreats does not cover the theft, loss, or damage of personal property and equipment of trip participants. We suggest you confirm with your insurance carrier that they would cover the costs if your items are stolen, lost, or damaged while on your trip. We also highly recommend purchasing travel insurance for your trip! 



You will want to bring a small amount of money for personal items, snacks, tipping and souvenirs. You may want to exchange cash at the airport or pull money out of an ATM located in the airport. The currency of Peru is the Sol and the exchange is about 100 Sol to $30 US dollars.

Make sure you look up exchange rates during your stay and also check fees for Exchange Centers and ATMs.

Tipping is not mandatory in the Peruvian culture, but a 10% tip at restaurants is appreciated. Also, it is standard to tip $5-$10 for a tour guide or driver.



There will be opportunities to partake in excursions and massages during your retreat.  There will also be free time to explore!



Samadhi is a holistic center located in the heart of Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco, Peru. Their mission is to create wealth and freedom for humankind through sharing the practice of yoga, mediation, art and healthy food in a space that’s comfortable and welcoming, where each guest can enjoy these experiences through creating a universal network and enhancing their lifestyle.

In the middle of a natural environment, surrounded by mountains and ancient culture, is Samadhi. Designed with sacred geometry, Samadhi will submerge you into the universe of the the chakra system wrapping you in its spaces, colors, textures, flavors and art adapted to the energy, to know and explore your essence. To get close to the conscious state of the divine, we work in a holistic manner in four forms: yoga and meditation, food awareness, art therapy and cultural immersion.



Peru is located in South America and is on Peru Standard Time (GMT-5). It is two hours ahead of PST and one hour behind EST.



As it would be traveling to any foreign country, one must remember to be safe and respectful of others customs and situations.  If this is your first experience traveling abroad, please be aware in public places, and keep a close watch on your belongings.  You really won’t want to bring any unnecessary valuables. Leave all of it at home that isn’t essential.



There are some vaccines recommended by the CDC such as the yellow fever vaccine. Vaccines should be a personal decision, and you can talk to your health care provider.



You should not drink tap water in Peru. Clean water will be available on property. Please remember to bring a reusable water bottle!



Samadhi has wifi in the main retreat center, but we encourage you to disconnect as much as possible. 

Also, feel free to get any international plans if you would like to have calling/text/data during your trip.


The average high temperature in Peru during this time is around 75 degrees F and low of 40 degrees F. The average is around 60 degrees F. The mornings and evenings will be a bit cooler, and it will warm up during the day.



We believe in eating delicious local and healthy meals on our retreats. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of local food.  If there are any dietary restrictions please let us know ahead of time so we can inform the retreat center. The food at Samadhi is vegan and vegetarian.


Last, but not least… here are some ways to be a Conscious Traveler:

  • Go with the flow: When traveling abroad things might not always go your way.  Flights may be delayed, luggage lost, languages misunderstood.  It is all part of the adventure, try your best to be okay with whatever comes up and embrace it as part of the journey. Practice patience and find humor in unexpected situations.

  • Respect the culture: Do some research to where you are going before you arrive.   Respect the locals and their way of life (ALSO respect the animals and wildlife). It is also great to learn a few words before arriving: please, thank you, hello. It will be greatly appreciated by the locals.

  • Keep an open mind: There is so much to learn from others who live differently and do things differently than we do. Take the time to try new things and enjoy the local food and customs. Slow down, relax, and take it all in.

  • Have fun: This trip is for YOU to relax and unwind, to dive in deep, to get to know yourself better, and to connect with others.  Notice what comes up for you during the retreat.  It may feel emotional, exciting, difficult… whatever comes up, embrace it.  The schedule will be full of activities but also know when you need to take time alone to reflect, read, nap, or just do nothing.  We are here for you on this journey and our mission is to spark passion and inspiration for your path and life purpose.  Let us know how we can support you.

We hope this fully prepares you for an exciting trip to come!



Revamp Team