Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: We don't have specific payment plans (typically it is a $500 deposit, and then the remaining is due 75 days out), but if a payment plan would help you, we are happy to chat and set something up!

Q: Does Revamp help arrange flights? And airport transportation?

A: Yes, we can definitely help you find the best flight options (we look at price, travel time, and arrival/departure times) and we will also set up airport transportation if requested. Once you book, we can help you look into all this and provide you full support!

Q: What does the retreat schedule look like?

A: Each retreat is unique, but we typically have morning and evening practice with yoga, meditation classes and workshops. During the day, we plan excursions, community service trips, time to relax, connect and explore! Most retreats include 2 or 3 meals, but that will be listed on the site. Each retreat has tons of offerings and a full schedule that is handed out once you arrive. Everything is fully optional and we want you to do what feels best!

Q: Do you need a special visa to attend a retreat in a different country?

A: You will not need a visa for our retreats (unless listed). You will need a passport for international retreats and please make sure to check expiration date and that you have open pages for stamps! If you need an updated passport, there are expedited services available. Let us know if you have any questions.

Q: What if I fly in early or stay after the retreat?

A: If you want to extend your trip, we are more than happy to help you trip plan and make sure to support. If you want to stay for a long period of time, you may need to look into extended visas for the specific location you wish to travel. If you let us know your plans, we can assist!

Q: What will the food be like? Will you be able to cater to dietary restrictions?

A: Some meals will be buffet style and some will be a plated or family style. We cater to all dietary restrictions (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.) and do our best to meet any specific allergies. We choose retreat centers that have healthy, fresh food as that is very important to us! We also offer opportunities to get out and explore local restaurants.

Q: Will you be able to give us other suggestions for what to do while we’re there, such as other local sights, etc?

A: We can give you tons of suggestions and we have some amazing locals we work with who would be happy to show you around. We can even jump on a call and do some pre-trip planning together!

Q: Do I need yoga experience?

A: Definitely not! All of our retreats are open to all levels and yoga is just one part of it. There is so much more you will get out of a retreat even if you don’t do every yoga class!

Q: How many participants attend the retreats?

A: The groups usually range between 10 and 20 people to keep it intimate and ensure that everyone receives plenty of attention and can get what they came for.

Q: Is travel insurance required?

A: Travel insurance is recommended as it is inexpensive, protects your trip, and provides peace of mind. All retreat payments are non-refundable so it’s important to prepare for any unexpected personal, political, environmental or weather-related incident or pre-existing medical condition might prevent or interrupt your trip. Thankfully, it’s uncommon that you’ll use your insurance, but life happens and this can protect you.

Q: I’m all signed up! What should I pack?

A: We will send you a special packing list and additional details about the retreat, retreat center and country pre-retreat, but here are some basic things to keep in mind:

-Clothing: light-weight clothing, conservative dress, yoga clothes, swimsuit, PJs

-Accessories: Sunglasses, hat

-Footware: Flip-flops, hiking sandals/sneakers

-Self-care: Sunscreen, natural insect repellent, prescription meds

-Miscellaneous: Notebook/Journal, international adapter for electronics

What NOT to bring:

  • When in doubt, leave it out… too much baggage is a burden and most things can be purchased near the retreat center or in town.

  • Yoga Mats & Props are provided unless mentioned otherwise!

Q: Do I need any specific shots or vaccines to travel internationally for a retreat?

A:  Most people that come on our retreats choose not to get any vaccines but that choice is completely up to each individual and their doctor.  You can see the CDC recommendations here - https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/.  Please do your research and talk to your health advisor!

Q: How can I know which retreat is right for me?

A:  It is important to us that you find the perfect retreat to meet your needs. The best way we can support you with that is by connecting on a quick phone call to answer any questions and see what you are looking for. We are really excited to chat with you and support you. Please email kori@revampretreats.com or message 702-321-6769 to schedule a call.