Learning To Trust Again in Tulum By Carly Benson

A story of leaning into trust by one of our retreaters, Carly Benson.

I have trust issues from being cheated on and out of a lot of money, lied to and backstabbed. What's funny is I knew this, but I didn't really know this about me. I didn't know how deep it runs or the well of anger it has caused in me.

And then I came to Tulum for the fourth time and the Universe handed me the ultimate lessons in letting go and learning to trust.

As amazing as it is in Tulum, what people don't tell you is that it's not like the states...

You can't flush your toilet paper. The mosquitos are on another level. You can't drink the water or use ice. My room has no A/C. And the most terrifying of all: my room also has NO lock on it. Meaning when I go to sleep I have to trust and have deep faith I will be kept safe and protected.

Don't get me wrong, it's one of the most magical places and I'm not complaining, but rather keeping it real about the amount of surrender that goes into traveling internationally.

While these things all seem like a big trade off, it wasn't until I had no lock on my door, that I realized part of my journey here this time was to relearn how to trust. Myself. Life. Others. God.

And to remember to be OK with walking into the unknown. The uncomfortable. And to not just be ok, but to embrace it all. Even the things that make me feel unsafe or uneasy.

To trust that I'm being guided and to know the universe always has my back. To know that I don't need to have 20 locks on my heart either.

I'm reminded of a quote that goes something like this: The caves we fear to enter, hold the treasures that we seek. I entered the cave of trust this trip.

In learning to trust again, I've also learned a thing or two about forgiveness, which is one of the most priceless treasures I've ever tried to find.

Who knew that having no locks on my door would lead me to such gold. 

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