Dreams and Beginnings: The Creation of Revamp

Every time I sit to share my story, “things” come up. An email to follow up on, an errand to run, a lack of inspiration. But that’s not what it actually is. These “things” stopping me from telling my story, from speaking my truth, are not the distractions or the excuses, rather they are fear, resistance and a sense of vulnerability.

As I look back on my life, I realize that starting is the hardest part. Starting a business. Starting a life. Starting a story. We have been given all of the resources to literally start anything we can dream of; yet these “things” show up and we hold ourselves back.

So I guess the start to my story is at the beginning; my name is Kori Zornes. I am tough, emotional to the core, passionate about helping others, and I am on a mission. At first I wondered if my story was even worth sharing, but I had to push that self-doubt away.

As people we have to be confident and free enough to expose ourselves. Maybe you will relate or be inspired or just learn more about another person doing her best in this beautiful Universe we currently call home.

Initially, I followed the “logical” path, the one expected of me- went to a great university, earned perfect grades, lived for the affirmation of others. However, I wasn’t fulfilled. After graduating I craved adventure, which led me to rural China for a year.

Stepping out of my normal box sparked something deep in my soul, another beginning. My eyes opened to the world, to new people, to other cultures. In those experiences, I didn’t fully realize how vital travel would be for me, that it was one component to my purpose and destiny.

After this rebellion, if you will, from the post-college norm, I thought I needed to get back to “reality.”

Essentially, a corporate job. It lasted two years. An emptiness persisted in my being. The job felt safe and easy, but I lacked true passion. Quitting was inevitable, and I was soon back on my quest. This time that included a one-way ticket to Europe, a month long yoga training, and a plan to fall in love with a man who would prevent me from returning to the monotony of my expected path.

I didn’t fall in love with a man, I fell in love with myself. Which is infinitely better because it allowed me to dive deep into my journey and truly let the Universe guide me.

The Universe compelled me to leave Europe and sent me to Costa Rica. A 10-day retreat nestled in the jungles at a self-sustaining community with a man named David Wolfe forever changed my life. He popped my “reality” bubble, showing and telling me things that awakened me. Finally seeing the world and myself was pure magic.  

My journey led me to Los Angeles, California where I taught yoga, worked as a health coach, continued to learn who I was, and cocktailed on the side to afford this crazy city. It felt like my “new” life was beginning, but as I look back I realize, our story begins over and over. Everything I asked for would show up, but only when I was ready to receive it and when I truly believed I could have it.

Once I understood this, I manifested big things from the Universe. I verbalized my desire to work for a yoga retreat company, and within the week was granted my request. This new opportunity afforded me the chance to travel around the world supporting teachers and clients in transformational journeys.

Each retreat I led was motivated by my desire to serve others. I didn't expect anything in return, but it was like the Universe was reciprocating tenfold every time. All the retreats spoke to me in a different way, and created change in who I was at the core of my being, and the life I was choosing to live.

After spending a month in a quaint town in Mexico running retreats, I came home knowing I had to leave my long-term relationship and move into my own place. I had to turn my life upside down in order to clear space for something to grow, but I didn’t know exactly what was to come. The aftermath of this new beginning wasn’t pretty. For months I felt broken and questioned why I was pushed to do this, but, one day at a time, I preserved.

A retreat in Bali brought clarity and direction, a theme similar from my previous retreats. Everything about Bali and the retreat experience resonated with my soul. It was the spark necessary to light my fire.

I went home knowing I was ready to launch my own company; to take what I had learned and make it better. Revamp Retreats was destined to exist. The only thing that stood in the way was my fear and doubt, which showed up everyday.

But new beginnings are terrifying. Especially when you are on the verge of greatness and on the path which you were meant to forge. Revamp slowly came to life through endless hours of work, a few tears and much inspiration, but a retreat would give me the final push to commit to my dream, my true calling.

Coming full circle, I found myself back in Costa Rica leading my final retreat for someone else’s company. The experience there led me to the awareness that I couldn’t be half in with my destiny. I had to fully commit, so I returned home and rid my life of everything that wasn’t in alignment with my purpose and path. I quit cocktailing. I parted from certain friends. I left the LA party scene. I finally felt ready to go full throttle; I no longer had excuses. I was all in.

Maybe that’s how you know you’re at another new beginning. The chapter before has been closed. That was a year ago. One year. It seems like it is so long and the blink of an eye at the same time. I started Revamp one year ago. One year moving between the feelings that I am worthy and self doubt. But I started, which truly was the hardest part, and now I am constantly pushing forward.

The community, the teachers and healers I work with, the people’s lives that are changed, that is what propels me forward. One year ago, I had nothing but a dream and an idea that the Universe entrusted to me. Now I have retreats planned around the world. Each one is a special place for life changing transformation.

Everyone’s journey is different, but through mine I hope people see that, yes there is more, yes you can have it, and yes the Universe will support you. After every retreat I have the joy of witnessing others experience what I went through- messy, life-changing magic. Their changes and new beginnings don’t always happen immediately; it happens when each man or woman is ready to receive his or her gifts and callings, just as it did for me.

Those moments make the time, energy, tears (lots of them), doubt, love and hard work worth it.

And so it began. And so it begins and even now I know it’s just the start and there’s more to come. My path and my purpose are connected with everyone else around me, so I continue to push past the fear and show up not just for myself, but for everyone who believes in me, and to fulfill my mission of inspiring others through travel, wellness and connection so they can realize their greatest potential.

Because I’m pursuing my truth, what I need continues to be strategically and graciously placed in my lap. So I continue to trust a bigger plan, to ask for what I want and to believe in the magic of the Universe. And I encourage you to do the same. Because we all have beautiful stories to live and to share. Wherever you are now, good, bad or in between, trust that it is just the beginning and there is so much in store for you, just as there was for me.

By Revamp Founder, Kori Zornes

Insta @herwanderlustsoul