Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Expression Revolution by Megan Zimring

By Megan Zimring

On August 7th, 2017 we have a massive opportunity to revolutionize the way we express our hearts with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

This Aquarian Lunar Eclipse enters the scene on the tail of the recent New Moon in Leo which will be followed by a second, and even more “amp’d up” New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st.

The Aquarian eclipse energy on August 7th serves as a modifying factor as it relates to all the expressive, attention hungry Leo energy that has appropriately taken “center stage” as of late with the sun continuing to cruise through Leo alongside the fierce warrior energy of Mars. 

Leo has been inviting us to rediscover and reignite our own inner light through creativity, play, self-expression and joy. An invitation to become re-enchanted with life and fall more deeply in love with ourselves as we see ourselves through the eyes of those who recognize, accept and celebrate us for exactly who we are! Yet, in order to be celebrated, we must first allow ourselves to actually be seen. A scary prospect for many!

While Leo is so much about creative expression, it is more deeply about gaining the courage necessary to unabashedly share that which you are, and that which you create (in any form) with the world. This is about finding the courage to be witnessed. To be bold. To take creative risks and get curious about how we might each leave something in the world to be remembered for after we are gone.

Here we recognize that we have each carried unique gifts into this lifetime and the Leo energy is the impetus that compels us to step into our great reveal! To shower, share and express our gifts out in the world; but in order to do so, we must drop our camouflage.

The high vibration of Leo finds deep soul-level value in taking the risk of vulnerably sharing all corners of it’s beautiful heart on the stage of life and being recognized, even admired, for doing exactly that.

To express in this way, holding nothing back, and allowing oneself to truly be seen is admirable and nothing short of courageous! From that place, we recognize that many of us might appreciate a “dress rehearsal” before being ready to risk taking “center stage” in that way… and, the Leo New Moon on July 23rd was exactly that; a dress rehearsal getting us prepped for the second hit of Leo New Moon [plus Solar eclipse] energy heading for us on August 21st (and the Aquarian Lunar eclipse on August 7th serves as an intermission in between – a time for recalibration and release before the big show.)

Here it becomes important that we look at a primary shadow element of Leo, which is the desire for acceptance; acceptance above authenticity. Fitting in above truth. Receiving love and appreciation above taking risks that could result in being labeled “weird” or outcast. Leo [in it’s shadow] may dim its light in order to preserve acceptance and never risk being labeled “outsider.” So, during this month, aim for full AUTHENTIC expression and be very mindful that the Leonine desire for acceptance doesn’t “tint” your way of being just to blend in with the colors of those around you rather than finding YOUR OWN true color pallet.

The Aquarian Lunar Eclipse on August 7th is the perfect blast of energetic support in finding that true pallet – an authenticity checkpoint smack in the middle of the two Leo New Moons. Post dress rehearsal, we step into an Aquarian self-honoring intermission. A moment to reorient so that the version of ourselves that comes forward during the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 21st is the self that is most aligned with truth. The self that doesn’t care about other people’s opinions over its own. The self that cares not about how “strange” it’s behavior may seem as long as it is being true to its own heart. The self that overflows with magnetism, grace, vision and wit.

It is perfect divine timing that this Aquarian eclipse is the middle point between the two Leo new moons. The first Leo New Moon a “dress rehearsal” giving us the opportunity to recognize the precious opening that can occur when we are willing to be vulnerable and reveal ourselves on the stage of our lives – and then the Aquarian Full Moon energy coming in as if to say “check yourself!”

Where could your expression be even more authentic?

Where could your inner rule breaker come out a little more?

Have you ever been told “you have to stay inside the lines” or that “you’re too much” by authority figures and how has that mitigated, altered, or shrunk down the largeness of you?

Are there parts inside that you’ve kept hidden, protected?

This powerful "intermission" is the preparatory period to gear up and release what has been weighing us down in order to bring our whole radiant being forward during the roaring Solar Eclipse on August 21st!

With the Aquarian energy we also have the opportunity to refine our long-term vision. To take inventory of our lives from an objective perspective and survey what kind of future we would like to create.

How can our refined expression support the creation of that long term vision?

How can that which you share from the depths of your heart be in service to humanity as a whole?

Some people reveal their hearts through jokes, performance, dance, poetry, art, athletics, photography or writing. Some reveal their hearts through deep loving soul work with clients, friends, or family. Some reveal their hearts through the way they choose to dress, the colors they wear, the stories they tell, acts of service or the way their energy brightens up a space just by entering it.

During this time become aware of how YOU share yourself and most importantly with Aquarius, how authentic has that sharing been?

The often rebellious, paradigm busting energy of Aquarius is inviting us to modify, update and authenticate ourselves so that when the Leo Solar Eclipse arrives at the end of the month we are ready to shine in full peacock colors and truly leave all of ourselves out there for the world to see.

So, above all else during this time release concern about social expectation, peel back and release stagnant layers of conditioning, and face any residual fears of judgment so that you may boldly enter a space of true freedom where your open heart reigns supreme and beats with the readiness to flood this world with your own special brand of unique Lion hearted loving!

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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