Movement, Meditation & Magic by Chris McClellan

I practice what I teach. And I do it for the peace, sanity, strength, wonder and joy it brings me, as a result.  I’ve tried countless alternatives and ended up irritable, resentful and discontent pretty quickly.  Without moving my body, observing my mind, listening to my heart and connecting into a greater Source, I left my life’s greatest resource untapped: ME. 

Here’s how I got there: I sought answers to life’s big questions, and chased success in all corners of the material world.  I had a dance company in NYC, and performed as an artist.   I negotiated partnerships and sold millions of dollars of corporate strategy work as a corporate consultant.  I found friendship amongst the brightest colleagues. I lived and traveled in fantastic cities, studied for decades and graduated with honors, living out my childhood dreams, and still… I came up wanting.   The more I sought, the more I did, the more lost I felt.  Where am I in all of us this? Who am I?  

Learning the practices of movement, meditation and observing my own magic in natural elements is my current experience of being human.  I learned how to BE in conjunction with how to DO.  It’s the life-changing, sanity-building and stabilizing stuff I practice and share now.  

My daily practice is an intensely practical design of the tried and true wisdom that has been passed down for centuries.  The more I practice this sacred triad of movement, meditation and magic, the more I bring all of my life’s circumstances to it.  Sometimes I sit in the morning, and sometimes I sit at night.  Sometimes I move first, and then meditate. Mostly I check in and practice throughout the day.   I practice when I can’t sleep, or when I have to have a difficult conversation with my mother. And I practiced before I went on my first date after heartbreak, and when I had to deliver an online class in front of 2000 people.

 I recognized I could do anything I decided with this practice, and I didn’t have to outrun myself or seek answers from someone else.  I didn’t have to avoid certain feelings or experiences.  

I branched out from intense one-on-one work to more intense group work, and I learned something incredible…all of our concerns, challenges and triumphs are the same, and we don’t have to learn our lessons in isolation.  We Human Creatures are meant to connect and commune.  What I teach isn’t only for some people – the calm ones or the vegan ones or the liberal ones or the ones with money - it’s for everyone who wants to feel good about who they are, and who wants to enjoy their lives.  If you’re sick, it’s a solution.  If you’re sad, it’s a solution.  If you’re poor, rich, young or old, it’s a solution.  It fits because you bring who you are to the practice, and you experience what comes up…PERIOD.  

I provide you the tools to help you through what comes up: removing obstacles, understanding information, finding new behaviors to address old patterns, letting go and moving forward.  I’m your friend and guide on YOUR journey of YOUR life.     

Meditation and movement give me an opportunity to let go of illusion of control - that thing I think will keep me safe or comfortable.  I can explore my mind, heart and soul, and be with whatever that is right now.  I get information on what’s happening with me - a check up on my human circuit panel. I release what is no longer working for me, and tap into a better way forward.  Movement and meditation are the tools that I use to find my home: no phone, or a glass of wine, or cookie necessary.  It’s perfect and I don’t have to change anything to be there.  I just show up and BE.  

Join Chris to learn how to tap into the magic that lives within on the Movement, Meditation & Magic retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru, from December 1st to 7th!