It Began with Bali By Jamie Nicole Wirht

It Began with Bali.

It was not so long ago I quit my job in fashion. Cold turkey with no real plans.

Why? Because I was unhappy where I was. I could feel it in my body, hear it in my thoughts, and others could see it on my face.

The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to help people and I knew I couldn’t wait much longer to explore that path. Then of course uncertainty started to kick in...

How would it happen?  When would I know?  Where would I start?

So I decided to ask for signs and trust that it would all fall into place.

November 2016 I was in a yoga class. Right after shavasana, the teacher mentioned she had one final spot left for her yoga retreat to Bali in January. I got full body chills. 

Could this be it?  Could this be the next step?

That night I went online and looked up the retreat. Thankfully it was not your average yoga retreat. The title read…Manifest & Magic Bail Retreat. Learn how to manifest the life of your wildest dreams.

I was Sold.

It was a full body YES.

So I let go of the fear of traveling alone and the uncertainty of what would happen. I quit my job that December, packed my bags, and went…

Bali is not a place. It’s a vibration. A portal. A location to go to experience a different version of yourself. The person you could be without all the fears and limiting beliefs you currently have. The person you are craving to be but you just don’t have the time, can't see the next steps, or don't even know where to start.

Bali was a big shifting point for me and I am happy to have it help change you too. 

It’s now two years later and I am a yoga teacher and a spiritual life coach. I teach others how to manifest their dreams lives because I manifested and created mine. On this retreat, I will teach you all the tools that got me to this point. I am now getting paid to empower others and do what I love in the place that started it all.

But to get to this point I had to jump. I took many jumps and so can you.

If you are waiting for a sign, a signal, a moment, a feeling, a change…this is it. 

This is your sign!

Enough is enough. Don’t go your whole life playing small. Wishing, wanting, and hoping. Your dream life is yours if you want it.

Get in the driver's seat. Take charge. Your life won’t change if you don’t start changing it.

If you feel called, take the jump and come CONNECT, CREATE, & RECHARGE in BALI with me! I am Co-leading with my amazing friend and teacher Miki Ash on October 10th-16th. 

I hope to see you in paradise.