How To Spend More Time OFFline by Lenea Sims of Conscious City Guide

Feeling overstimulated, not super present, and a little unfocused these days? Sure, the culprit might be a stressful job or home life, but it also may be something a bit more...insidious. The internet! 

We understand the irony of bashing the internet whilst on the internet as much as you do, so we’ll keep this light. While the world wide web brings us lots of beautiful connectivity and vital info, it also keeps us, well, trapped in a world-wide web. On a purely neurological level, we’re just way too inundated with images and info to keep focused on the things that matter most to us. 

We’re not telling you to give it up forever, but we are suggesting spending a little more time connecting offline this week! It could be over dinner with friends or even on a nice solo walk during your lunch break. When it comes to connecting with yourself, your community, and your planet – a little goes a long way.

To give you some more ideas, I’ve pulled some of my fave events from Conscious City Guide to pull you out of your scroll hole and into real life.There’s events from all over the globe and bonus points if you take a friend!


  1. Cultivate Creativity: All that consumption has to be balanced with some creativity. If you’re in Los Angeles, try your hand at Color Theory for Productivity or Holiday Wreath Making.

  2. Learn a new skill: Our community is always listing amazing classes, perfect for exploring a subject you’ve been curious about for ages. Learn to practice Human Design with Jenna Zoe in London. Or dive into How to Breathe online with master Ashley Neese.  

  3. Up Your Love Game: All that online connection might have you feeling a bit IRL disconnected from loved ones. Discover your Erotic Blueprint or get real about sex in LA – your parnter(s) now and later will thank you. 

  4. Do Some Inner Work: No shame in this game – we all need to get a little inner work done from time to time. Learn mindfulness from a Google-approved program or visualize your future self in NYC.

  5. Learn from The Masters: Check out master manifestor Lacy Phillips of To Be Magnetic on tour across the globe or see Ram Dass’ new documentary Becoming Nobody in theaters for some serious inspo.

Explore more ways to get offline and connect more deeply with yourself, your community, and your planet at where there’s more intentional events listed every day!

Blog post by Lenea Sims, goddess team member of Conscious City Guide.