Top Tips for Enviromentally Friendly Travel by Brooke Sabin

Want to travel the world but take great care of it while doing so? Us, too!

With tourism currently accounting for nearly 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, we at Revamp are constantly working to offset our carbon footprint. Our goal is to leave each breath-taking destination better than how we found it!

If you too are passionate about keeping this beautiful planet we get to call home alive and thriving (while still experiencing incredible adventures throughout the globe!), read below for our top 8 tips for environmentally friendly travel.


1. Keep it light! While we totally understand that it’s easy to get carried away with packing (who knows – you may need those green velvet booties!), the truth is that over packing creates more weight for you AND the plane to lug around. With the weight of a plane being directly proportionate to the amount of carbon emission it creates, it may be best to leave the booties at home! We recommend grabbing your highly functional items instead.

2. Grab those reusable items. Did you know it takes three times the amount of water to manufacture one bottle of water than it does to actually fill that same bottle? Yikes! A BPA-free, reusable water bottle allows you to stay hydrated without creating unnecessary pollution. Most airports and hotels (depending on the location – always make sure it’s safe!) have free water dispensers. If not, you could always purchase a large jug of water – we’re talking a few gallons here – and use that one source to consistently fill up! On that note, reusable shopping bags are also multi-functional (may use as a beach bag, laundry bag, souvenir bag – whatever else!) and help decrease the chances of plastic multiplying in local oceans.

3. Unwind ethically. Fortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly hotels choosing sustainable methods to run their lodging. This can include using: solar power, wind turbines, rainwater harvesting, composting, recycling and much more! We recommend choosing locations that have formal certifications – such as LEED – to ensure they are walking the walk!


4. Bond with the land! Much like a heavier plane creates increasingly higher carbon emissions, we recommend opting for land travel whenever possible! Although cars, buses and trains do emit their fair share of pollution, it is substantially lower than that of a massive plane. When embarking on a new destination, take a road trip to not only directly experience more of the land, but to help protect the same landscape while doing so!

5. Get to know the locals, too! In light of traveling on the ground as opposed to up in the air, it’s best to use public transportation whenever possible. This includes buses, trains and ferries. Instead of fetching a car, these options allow you to support the community, interact with more locals and decrease the amount of vehicles on the road! Also, if you’re close enough, riding a bike or taking a walk is not only great for the environment, but ideal for your health too! We love a good breath of fresh air and a little sweat to remind us we are alive and breathing.

6. Be ready to try all the foods. Using the reusable shopping bag you brought from home, we encourage you to check out the local farmers market! Not only does eating the local produce encourage local business such as choosing city transportation does, but it also ensures that the goodness you’re enjoying did not take extensive travel to land on your plate! So, yes – we are saying that eating delicious, tasty foods is environmentally friendly! Exciting, we know.  

7. Treat the hotel like home! We recommend avoiding clean towels and/or sheets (if you’re staying for multiple days) unless completely necessary. While we also love a good pamper sesh, it’s best to take normal length showers – we aim anywhere from 5-10 minutes – so that you do not waste precious water! If you are looking for that relaxing, “me-time” sensation, we suggest a warm bath. Currently adventuring around local hot springs? Even better! Also, don’t forget to turn off all items on your way out! This includes the lights, television and air conditioning.

8. Leave it better than you found it. As we aim to only leave footprints behind in our travels, it doesn’t hurt to pick up trash or other miscellaneous items when possible. This small action helps prevent waste from ending up in the oceans or ground!

Having shared these simple yet powerful tips, we at Revamp commend you for your efforts in traveling sustainably! While our message is to explore as often and as candidly as possible, we too believe that it is up to all of us to do so in an ethical, renewable way.

It’s a team effort and could mean that you need to create new habits… but man, is this rich, remarkable planet sure worth it! 

If you’re want to use these eco-friendly tips for your next trip, make sure to save this webpage or take notes! 

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Written by our environmentally friendly team member, Booke Sabin :)