Why We Retreat - Giving From A Place Of Full by Robin Duryea

By Robin Duryea

If you’ve never been on a Yoga retreat there is no way to know just how powerful and transformative it can be. Just like if you’ve never been in the front row of a concert you can’t know just how powerful and transformative it can be.

Both life changing experiences. Both I highly recommend.

Traditionally, ‘to retreat’ is part of the spiritual practice. When we retreat we momentarily dis-engage with life’s daily distractions - the computer, chores, TV, getting gas, cooking meals, the closet that suddenly needs cleaning - the list never ends - thus giving ourselves the opportunity to dig deep into our practice while developing connections where real transformation takes place.

When we retreat we get the chance to turn in and ground down creating the space to process, let go, and invite in whatever we need to feel more at peace and at ease in our daily lives.

All over the world people are working hard to live and create healthy and abundant lives. Though in the process, ironically enough, we end up feeling a little less than.

When we give so much of our selves it’s important and necessary that we create space to fill ourselves back up. Yoga retreats do just that. They allow us to keep giving from a a place of full.

And, Yoga retreats are fun. They’re a chance to see parts of the world from the vantage point of the practice. They’re an opportunity to meet and connect with others who share the love of Yoga. And, they’re an opportunity to create real space for joy and healing, or simply to re-

I’ve been leading retreats for years both locally here in the SF bay area and abroad in Nicaragua, Kauai, Guatemala, and upcoming Bali, and I can honestly say there is nothing more powerful, special, and inspirational than a group of yogis willing to come together, away from what’s familiar and known, to support themselves and each other on this journey. The willingness to be held by parts of the world so beautiful and alive you can’t leave any other way than feeling blissfully full is an experience not to be missed.

Join me this September 24th-30th in the stunning and amazing Bali for a week Yoga retreat centered around Manifesting your Intentions. A transformational week that will leave you awake, inspired and energized.  

For more info head to robinduryea.com. I can be found on FB and Instagram (robindyoga).