The Beauty of Traveling Alone by Kori Zornes

My name is Kori, and I am a travel addict-

I constantly crave new adventures, it is my drug of choice.  The first time I got the courage to travel alone (yes I was scared), it forever changed me.  It lit up my soul. I gained freedom and inspiration that will forever make traveling a part of my lifestyle and a part of who I am. 

Here are just a couple reasons why myself and many others of our retreat goers choose to travel as a party of one:

1.  Meet Interesting People

The best way to meet new friends?  Be alone.  People are much more approachable when they are by themselves.  You will be amazed by the number of people you meet while traveling alone.  There are so many wanderlust individuals roaming around the world looking to make new connections, learn about other cultures, and find new friends.  You may be surprised by the interesting people you meet along the way and the life-long connections you make.

2. Be Yourself

Often times we get so caught up with fitting in.  We have to act a certain way at work, in our relationships, and in our society.  When you leave everything behind and venture off on your own, you can be exactly who you are; honest, real, lost, found, happy or sad. There is no judgment when you take this journey.  You are a unique individual who is enough. 

3. Enjoy “Me” Time

How often do you really get alone time to do whatever it is that makes you happy?  Sometimes we forget how nice it is to spend solo quality time to just be with ourselves.  You start to listen to your thoughts, gain new insights, entertain your daydreams- it's all part of that quiet alone time.  Imagine lying on a beach or hiking through nature in blissful silence, soaking in how happy you are to have time with the most important person- YOU.

4. The choice is yours

Sometimes the hardest part about traveling with others is making decisions… where to go, what to do.  Now think about being able to make all of the decisions based solely on what you want.  Maybe you want to enjoy the entire day sipping cocktails at a local bar, or maybe you want to spend the entire day sightseeing.  When you travel alone you get to decide what to do, where to go, and how the adventure plays out… Your story lies within your hands!

5. Feel Empowered

Nothing is better than facing your fears, getting out of your comfort zone, and setting on to a new adventure.  When you travel you learn, you grow, and you get over obstacles- imagine doing it all alone?  It is empowering!  That solo trip may feel daunting at first, but when you get out there and do it, you may realize how much you can take on in life.

“As you travel solo being totally responsible for yourself, it's inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are.”